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All Things New

Do you ever get reminded by something that God clearly shows you that’s right in front of you? Does doubt creep in and wreck everything that is good in your life? God used many things to get the attention of his leaders throughout history in order to use them for his mission and to remind them that He was always with them. God continues to do that today, but are you listening and taking charge of what he is telling you to do? I have been going through some personal issues lately with a person that I used to look up to and someone that I always wanted to be like but it seems that this person has somehow lost his way in what matters in life, family. Families are the very essence of God’s masterpiece and the center of God’s plan. Christ himself was even born as a baby in human flesh within the context of a family. As believers in Jesus, we are called to show the very image we represent to everyone that sees, and hears us including our earthly family that God has given us. Does this mean that we can be perfect? No, it does not but we should always strive to be a perfect example of others around that do not know Jesus and always lift those brothers and sisters in Christ up that are struggling or causing distress in our lives.

God reminded me of something very simple today through music that every believer needs to understand. As I was sitting in my office listening to my iPhone, I decided to hit that shuffle button, which I tend to never do, and the first song that came on was All Things New by Big Daddy Weave. When I left for lunch Walk Fm was on in my car and what song was playing? All Things New by Big Daddy Weave. Here lately I have found myself trying to fix people and it has honestly frustrated me and got me into a depression state that hope has begun to sink in. and the problem is that I CAN’T DO IT, ONLY GOD CAN. Does that mean I should give up? Absolutely NOT! The best thing to do is to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17) When you allow God to handle life’s situations by praying and trusting in his amazing power and love, the outcome becomes even sweeter because you get to see his work and faithfulness to his believers. The Bible reminds us to always seek Jesus because of his strength and power. (Psalm 105:4) When Peter walked on the water it wasn’t because he was all of a sudden equal to Jesus it was because the power came from faith in Jesus and seeking his face and not focusing on things around him and just trusting him. The moment he sank was the moment he took his eyes off Jesus but Jesus immediately was there to pull him up.

We are supposed to allow Jesus to handle every situation in our lives even when it seems the storm keeps raging on around us and that we don’t know if we can get through it but he says to have faith and keep your eyes fixed on him. Jeremiah 29:11 is another reminder that he has big plans for us to give us hope and a future, so why wouldn’t we put our focus on him? As fellow believers it is also a requirement to hold each other accountable with love on the fruits that he/she bears so that others will not be misled by your actions and the true walk of Jesus. When you say you are a believer of Jesus that means you are saying that you represent Christ in everything forever and always, not just when you want to or in certain situations. It is important that when you commit your life to Christ that it is fully heart felt because expectations are even higher and more eyes and ears will always be upon you and the wolves will always be ready to attack when you become injured in your walk. Hold tight to Jesus and allow him to make all things new in your life daily and don’t forget your first reaction to anything should be to pray. Sometimes a simple reminder of this goes a long way. May God bless you today, tomorrow and forever. Amen.

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